Trampoline & Tumbling

The sport of Power Tumbling and Trampoline includes four events

Power Tumbling


Synchronized Trampoline

Double-Mini Trampoline

Elite’s program offers classes from beginner to advanced levels fro athletes of all ages above 4 years old. We also offer a competitive team that competes at the regional, state, and national level. The team has a membership with the United States Trampoline & Tumbling Association and Amateur Athletic Union. The team is coached by USTA Safety Certified coaches, who were former Advanced/Elite athletes, and long-time coaching/judging veterans.

KinderBounce (4–K5) & Beginner TnT (1st-3rd, 4th & up)

Participants will learn basic tumbling and skills, including positions, drills, hurdles, rolls, and basic support skills (cartwheels and handstands). They will also learn proper falling and landing techniques, safe jumping technique, and fundamental trampoline jumps and skills. Flexibility, strength, and coordination are also developed for higher level learning. (60 minutes)

Advanced Beginner TnT (1st–3rd, 4th & up)

Participants will continue to master fundamental skills, as well as skill variations, including handstand rolls, cartwheel variations, round-offs and handspring drills. They will continue to practice proper falling, landing, and jumping techniques, and will have the opportunity to present these skills on the trampoline. (75 minutes)

Novice TnT (1st & up)

Participants will have mastered basic fundamental skills and will focus on building strength, coordination, and flexibility. The skills will be developed through the use of drills and progressions to work on handsprings and handspring connections. Drills and progressions for somies will also be taught, as well as trampoline skill combinations. Students are recommended to attend this class two times a week at this level, as repetition of skills and body positions is important for learning and progressing. (90 minutes)

PreTeam TnT

Athletes that have already mastered the back handspring and front tuck, will begin working more advanced skills. For example, multiple back handsprings, back tucks, and much more. Participants will continue improving tumbling and trampoline form and technique. Athletes will learn basic passes/routines for the beginning and novice levels of competition in power tumbling, trampoline, and double-mini trampoline. Participants are expected to practice twice a week and should have an interest in a future with our competitive team. (90 minutes)

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Our Instructional Philosophy

As instructors of children and young adults, we accept responsibility for their safety and well being while in our care.
We understand the impact our behavior, appearance and knowledge has on their lives.
We recognize we are role models and everything we do or say can make a lasting impression on them.
We will only teach developmentally and ability appropriate skills to our students.
We will keep in mind that to be successful requires us to keep a positive and encouraging philosophy.
We will strive to make every lesson fun so that our students will want to return and stay enrolled, allowing them to achieve the greatest benefits from the participation in our activities and programs.

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