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Elite Sports Complex is a not-for-profit organization offering recreational and competitive programs in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Boys’ & Girls’ Artistic Gymnastics, and Trampoline & Tumbling. Elite is home of Sokol Chicagoland, a not-for-profit educational and cultural organization offering recreational gymnastics classes for all ages.

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Elite sports Complex

you and me

The You and Me program is a parent/guardian participation gymnastics class. This is a 50-minute class for boys and girls where the coach guides you, your gymnast, and the rest of the group through gymnastics-oriented skills and activities.

Recreational Classes

Elite offers preschool and recreational instruction, as well as the opportunity to advance to our competitive team. Recreational classes allow athletes of any age to learn the beginner skills in artistic, rhythmic, and tumbling programs. Registration is open at any time and is pro-rated for late entrants.


Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport which eloquently combines the beauty and grace of dance with the agility and dexterity of gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnasts use apparatus’ such as ribbon, rope, hoop, ball, and clubs, which are constantly in motion and synchronized with their body movements.

This competitive sport and beautiful art form is designed specifically for girls and includes both individual and group routines.


Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Level
Athletes attend practices 2-3 times a week. This is a year-round program offering girls the opportunity to create individual routines in floor, bars, beam, and vault. The competition season lasts January through April. Summer & Fall practices are spent developing skills & routines for the upcoming season.


We offer competitive teams in both GIJO and AAU. The team practices year-round with 2-3 practice days a week. Competition season is in the Spring. 

Trampoline & Tumbling Team

The sport of trampoline and tumbling includes four events: Power Tumbling, Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, and Double-Mini Trampoline. Boys and girls will practice 2-4 times a week.

Elite Sports Complex

Great Escape preschool

that each child is a unique individual.  We value human diversity and encourage children to express and accept the differences among one another.

that it is important to provide a safe, secure, and clean facility in which children and parents feel comfortable. Our classroom is designed to provide an atmosphere of learning through the many activities offered in a range of developmental levels.

Our Coaches

Our outstanding coaches have gone through various levels of training in the gym and from USA Gymnastics. Each coach is First Aid and CPR certified. The Elite Sports Complex team has a proven track record of success in coaching and training gymnasts. 

Maria Barakova

Maria Barakova

rhythmics gymnastics coach

Lena Revutska

Lena Revutska

ballet instructor

Elite Sports Complex

Paulina Rante

xcel gymnastics coach

Cecilio Reyes

Cecilio Reyes

Boys gymnastics coach

Darnell "D" Robinson

Darnell "D" Robinson

trampoline & tumbling coach


Pete Maiolo

Boys Gymnastics coach


Hunter Moravec

Trampoline & tumbling coach

Marlana Wheat

xcel gymnastics coach

Elite Sports Complex

Recognized by EXPERTISE


Elite Sports Complex is a children’s enrichment academy based in Downers Grove, IL. This organization is committed to challenging kids to grow socially, athletically, and educationally through sports and activities that build their self-esteem and sense of purpose. The dedicated staff at Elite Sports Complex are responsible, knowledgeable, and engaging, making their students’ learning experiences fun and enriching.

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