Preschool Gymnastics – Developmental and Specialty Class Descriptions

You & Me (50 minutes)

12 months (walking) to 36 months Your little one will love our Neptunes gym created just for toddlers! Children will participate in group warm ups, tumbling, trampoline and obstacle courses to build strength and coordination in this class. Music, ribbons, balls and other fun equipment are used in class to make this a fun and developmental experience. Explorative activities and exercises are used to develop gross motor skills as well as more gymnastics specific skills. Gymnasts travel from the Neptunes gym and into the ‘big kid’ gym for trampoline, balance beam, and bars.

Free to Be 3 (60 minutes)

3 years old

Young gymnasts now begin class on their own in the ‘big kid’ gym. Independence, exploration and social development play a key roll in this class. A musical warm up will be followed by obstacle course, tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, and trampoline to engage them in beginning gymnastics skills. This class is often offered in combination with Gymkids

Gymkids (60 minutes)

4 and 5 years old Gymnastics  development continues as well as gross motor skills through balance beam, uneven bars, tumbling, and trampoline. Childrenwill begin the concept of working independently at stations to master specific skills. This class is often offered in combination with Free 2 be 3.

Free 2 Be 3 and Gymkids classes are limited to 6 students per class. Make up classes are offered once per session.


Super Heroes (60 minutes)

5-6 years old (boys only) This class is a perfect fit for your young superhero with lots of energy. Boys will burn off energy while gaining coordination, strength and flexibility that will translate to all sports.

Kinderbounce (60 minutes)

4-6 years old

Is your child bouncing off the walls at home? Then this class will be a perfect fit to get your little one rolling, jumping and tumbling on trampoline, tumble trak, double mini trampoline, and spring floor!

Super Tots (60 minutes)

3-5 years  

These classes designed to challenge young female gymnasts who have displayed an exceptional skill level and ready to work more advanced skills. Instructor recommendation is required for entry into these classes.

Junior Jumpers (60 minutes)

 3-5 years old  This is an introduction to rhythmic gymnastics for the preschool age child. Classes feature jumping, running, and basic motor movements incorporated into a warm up routine involving skills and stretches appropriate for the age and size of the children. Ballet and tumbling are part of the class along with an introduction to the rhythmic equipment: ribbon, rope, ball, clubs & hoop.